In Need of a Speaker

Speaking isn't about being a sage on the stage. It's about creating hope through humour, insight, and a wee bit of action. A speaker doesn't have all the answers - nor should they. A speaker is one who is willing to share their story - good, bad, and the wee bit ugly - to support others in their own growth.

​Lindsay is that speaker. 

Humor, Insight, & Action

A bit of quirky, a lot of value, and loads of takeaways

This is what Lindsay brings to audiences. Her talks focus on inspiring hope while connecting the dots between concept, theory, and action. Whether comparing mental health struggles with constipation or sharing tales of falling down only to rise again, each talk engages while asking the audience to go deeper within.

In this, we all find the confidence to be our true selves along the way, inspiring so many others to do the same. A very different approach to transforming today's workplaces, Lindsay is here to share the power a leader can have on their people...when they are brave enough to share.

If you're looking for a speaker that your audience can easily connect with, grow with, and have out loud "ah-has!" along the way, Lindsay is your gal.


How to take motivate action that matters

Top Takeaways:
- What values really are
- How core values create transformation
- Emotions and values connection
- Reality between goals, values, and motivation
- Supportive exercises and questions 

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Two Ears, 
One Mouth

How listening, not hearing, creates optimal people performance

Top Takeaways:
- Listening is more than not talking
- The difference between deep and active listening
-  Tactics leaders can use with their people 
- Techniques to practice whole-body listening
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Rewiring the 
Business Brain

How to create team behaviours that have lasting power

Top Takeaways:
- Defining team values
-  Values, EQ, and the brain connection
- Eliminating harmful team behaviours
- Exercises to reinforce the right key behaviours that matter
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Download Her Speaker Book

Lindsay's Speaker Book
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Where you've heard her before...
  • Businesses are People Too! A Podcast!, 4 seasons, host & creator
  • Conscious Capitalism, Inc, Virtual Gathering, Changing the Brain of Business, speaker, April 2023
  • Guest, multiple podcasts, such as Rebel Rebel, topics on listening, values, and branding
  • Rise Beyond Recovery Summit, Values in Action, speaker, April 2022
  • Permission to Do You Bonanza, Values panellist and speaker, Dec 2021
  • Let's Talk Hope Conference, Workshop Host and Facilitator, Jan 2021
  • Success Summit, Anxiety and Entrepreneurship guest speaker, June 2020
  • CreativeMornings, Anxiety and Entrepreneurship guest speaker, Jan 2018
  • Pure Potentials Scottsdale, brand voice and values guest speaker, Oct 2016
  • Calgary Business Professionals, values and anxiety, and entrepreneurship speaker, 2018
  • Brighter Business Empower, brain tricks for branding featured speaker, June 2014

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What Clients are Saying

Thank you for your energy and passion at today’s HR Bootcamp session! It really came through and the comments in the Chat Box were incredible. I loved the exercises and I know that our attendees will be using them personally and organizationally. Thank you again for today’s session!

Nicole Bourgeois, RPR

Coordinator Member Engagement & Experience, CPHR Alberta

Lindsay's Veracious Values changed my life. No, really! In what was a pretty bumpy year for me, Lindsay helped me to hone in on my core values and bring clarity to my challenges. She prompted me to think about how my values were showing up in my life, and how some of my values were actually being neglected. The work didn't change me but, rather, it revealed me. I felt as though I had been given a compass to guide me through the noise. I made big changes this year both personally and professionally, and I can 100% say that the work I did with Lindsay gave me the clarity and courage I needed to make those decisions. She's brilliant and compassionate, and I am lucky to have connected with her!

Erin Fahey

Veracious Values Workshop Attendee

Thank you Lindsay for your presentation! Over the course of an hour, our program participants were highly engaged and since your presentation, are highly motivated to narrow down their top values and make more significant choices to live within those values! ISC Health appreciates your candidacy, free-flowing spirit, and inviting conversational-style presenting skills. We would highly recommend you to companies and/or organizations looking to better their productivity, their people's mindsets, and increase awareness on the importance of living your veracious values! You are thoughtful and engaging and we are looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Kayla Walsh

Founder, ISC Health

Lindsay was the keynote for our WPO event, which sold 70 tickets—more than double our expectations—thanks in part to her name and compelling topic. She delivered an interactive, engaging, and fun workshop on Values, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. Easy to listen to and filled with clear, valuable messages, I can confidently say that Lindsay's message has sticking power. Organized, punctual, and reliable, Lindsay is a delight to work with. I highly recommend her for any event for leaders and business owners seeking to create more compassionate organizations.

Dawn O'Connor

Dawn O’Connor, Chapter Chair, Calgary I, II, & III, Women’s President Organization (WPO)