Brand and Culture Consulting

Branding is more than a logo and words for marketing. A brand is the DNA of your company. It guides your actions. It ignites passion within your people. It tells the story of who you are.

What if clarity on your brand transformed your entire workplace culture?

Brand Clarity for Workplace Culture

The most important asset to your brand is your people.

​Do they know how to live the DNA of your business? Is your brand creating exceptional experiences for them to be proud of? Heck - are they even aware of what your brand truly means?

When your brand is clear and lived by you, your people will know what to do - and exceed your expectations along the way. Give them the clarity they need to wow each other, your customers, and even your industry!

Your Values

are shown in your actions. 

Are your values guiding the right behaviours? Are they providing the tasty mental prune juice to give more flow to your team's thoughts, actions, and accountability?
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Your Vision

is your guiding north star. 

Does it inspire people to keep going in the face of challenges? Will people look to it, believe in it, and use it to influence their day-to-day actions? Does it speak to your company's 'why'?
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Your Mission

gives clarity to where you are going. 

Is how you're going to achieve your vision clear? Does it connect to your greater purpose, giving your people insight in how they can make your vision a reality?
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Culture first; brand second. 

When your culture and brand are aligned, your business will thrive with...

  • an increase in employee engagement and purpose.
  • values that inspire tangible actions that matter and achieve results.
  • employees who embrace accountability, inspiring greater ideas and solutions for clients.
  • greater alignment between all people, all cohesively moving towards the same vision. 
  • a culture that people want to work - and stay - at.

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What Clients are Saying

Lindsay has a lot of talents. We have worked with her many times over the years. She is extremely professional and takes the work seriously while being easy to be around. She asks the right questions to our clients and spends the time digging into what matters the most to them. She knows how to connect the dots verbally, so we can connect the dots visually. We can’t wait to work together again soon.

Suzy Rounce

Creative Director & Owner, Switchback Creative

We engaged Lindsay to help us build foundational brand messaging. The authenticity of our brand message was important to us. We were attracted to Lindsay's approach as other firms were eager to produce content without getting to understand what makes us different. The collaborative process was a wonderful experience. Lindsay has a steadfast approach to listen, understand and capture genuine values. She also facilitated team exercises to conceptualize and test key messaging. It was a pleasure to work with Lindsay, her curiosity and humor made the development process fun and exciting. I would highly recommend Lindsay to others who are looking for a partner to help with their brand development.

Stefan Herbst

General Manager, ADVANTUS360

I had high expectations when I met Lindsay, as she came highly referred by several other business owners. I now add my name to list of those singing her praises. Lindsay is sharp, organized, and can dig though the noise to find the core message. She took my feedback seriously (but not personally)...I was surprised by how simple Lindsay made the process feel, coming to us with a clear plan and dialing into a clear vision from the start. I'll be happily recommending her and look forward to working with her again.

Christy Switzer

Owner, I Know A Guy Renovations

Lindsay helped me get to the heart of who I am. The in-depth branding experience captures the essence of who I am and what it is I want to offer. I appreciated Lindsay’s patience as this is an area I felt very uncomfortable conveying in a business development sense. The genuine interest in who I am, making me feel safe to share, was incredibly appreciated. At the end of it all, she made the process fun, intimate, safe, and thoughtful. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone looking to gain clarity on how to express who they are.

Carolyn Smith

President, The Change Effect