BRP Consulting is here to make a difference in workplace cultures because...

Businesses Are People Too!

As a business consulting company, BRP focuses on augmenting team behaviour via culture and brand alignment. This involves supporting leaders of small teams who want to have an immediate and lasting impact on their people.

And it starts with values.

Hey there! I'm Lindsay. 

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz that is. Owner of BRP Consulting.

I'm a wee bit of a quirky human who creates clarity by making poop puns. Well...not really…okay maybe a little. But really, there are four things that you should know about me and why I do what I do.

1) Values are actions, not statements.

2) Listening - not talking - is what saves lives, so we must learn to listen.

3) Businesses are people too (hello...BRP)...we play with this concept for creating connection that produces - joy, accountability, bottom line growth, and a whole heck of a lot more.

4) Puns and analogies really are just. The. Best! when it comes to starting deeper conversations.

These beliefs - yes even the puns - are what I use as a business brand and mindset consultant and Values Vixen Speaker. A branding strategist since 2011, today I support leaders who want to have a positive immediate and lasting impact on their people, combining brand, mindset, process, and a wee bit of brain science. Where I once used brand for marketing, today I use brand to enhance workplace cultures to engage, encourage, connect, and thrive through joy. 

Beyond this, I'm a Neuro Change Method™️ Master Certified Practitioner, branding specialist, listening student, author, mental health advocate, wife, and mom to a fluffy senior pup. 

Core Values

Since values are the foundation that I work from, it's only fair that I share my own. It's not just talking...it's all about walking my talk. 

Curiosity inspires creativity.

Kindness is the way forward.

People are significant. Always.

Independence grows through accountability.

Humour shines a light where needed.

Career Highlights

There are so many highlights of my career - both working as an employee and as an entrepreneur. A few that give a wee bit of insight into what's inspired me in supporting leaders and teams:

  • 18+ yrs experience in micro, small, and large corporate team environments
  • 10+ years owner of brand & content consulting and strategy business
  • CreativeMornings Calgary, Speaker on Entrepreneurship & Anxiety
  • 2019 Women of Inspiration, Influencer Award Recipient for mental health advocacy
  • Interviewing global leaders, including the late Suzanne West (Founder & President, Imaginea), John Sculley (past CEO & President, PepsiCo), Oscar Trimboli (Deep Listening Author and Podcast Host), and Masami Sato (Founder & CEO, B1G1) to name just a few
  • So many more waiting to happen...like working with you!

Innovative Industries Served

  • Professional services (financial, engineering, creative)
  • Coaching/consulting (leadership, edtech, project management firms)
  • Recruitment
  • Oil & gas, energy
  • Property management and real estate (commercial and residential)
  • Construction
  • Retail

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What Clients are Saying

I LOVE getting your Mental Prune Juice letter! This is not your average newsletter. It's a weekly dose of insights and reflections that simply make life better. The puns are fun and clever but my favourite is how it actually acts similar to prune juice in that it gets my heart and mind flowing beautifully. 100% would recommend.

Shauna Leigh Van Mourak

Copywriter, Owner, SLA Marketing

Lindsay’s Veracious Values presentation was so good. It was a good wake-up call for me, helping me to identify what I need to change in my world. I left the presentation with clear actions for my next steps. With her unique style of presenting, Lindsay gave us all food for thought AND tangible actions we could take right away. I would absolutely recommend Lindsay to speak at any event looking to add value to their audience of leaders and business owners

Lisa Genovese

President, Bottomline; Member, WPO Calgary Chapter II

After our last chat I’ve been reworking my values. I previously saw them as separate but have realized that really my values are the same in all aspects of my life… it’s how I express those values that’s different!

Jennifer Borno

Corporate Wellness Consultant, Borno Consulting Inc.