Leadership Mindset Consulting

At the core of every leader is purpose. 
Leaders ignite this purpose through their values. 

What values are helping you to ignite the leader within that you've always dreamed of being? 

Values-Centred Mindset Management

Your values are how to lead and live with purpose.

Are you ready to discover what happens when you infuse your values with proven science to connect your head, heart, and mind?

Values-centred mindset management is a neuro-based approach to creating a joy-filled life that connects you to your deeper purpose. It gives you the tools to reframe your mind when overwhelm steps in; to overcome challenges with confidence; and to simply enjoy a greater work/life synergy that means something to you.

Find Your Flow

and take action that matters

Uncover what makes you tick with joy, ready to start your day with energy, clarity, and hope.
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Ignite Your Curiosity

by digging into your why

Discover what thoughts and beliefs help you thrive while silencing those voices that keep you stuck.
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Shift Your Mind

to build healthier habits

Access your inner strength as you design your world to become the leader you were meant to be.
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Reframe, rewire, and renew your mind.
No more mountains; only molehills (if that).
By the end of our one-on-one coaching, you'll confidently:

  • say goodbye to beliefs keeping you stuck in a rut
  • enjoy saying "yes" to goals, milestones, and people again
  • feel motivated to take action that matters to you
  • step out of overwhelm and into confidence with ease
  • reframe your world by renewing your beautiful brain
  • achieve excellence in any pursuit you set your sights on
  • live a powerful, purpose-filled life that empowers you to excel
  • spend less time managing people's problems and more time leading them to success! 

You'll simply embrace the exceptional leader you always were...you just didn't know it yet!

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What Clients are Saying

Lindsay changed my life. No, really! In what was a pretty bumpy year for me, Lindsay helped me to hone in on my core values and bring clarity to my challenges. She prompted me to think about how my values were showing up in my life, and how some of my values were actually being neglected. The work didn't change me but, rather, it revealed me. I felt as though I had been given a compass to guide me through the noise. I made big changes this year both personally and professionally, and I can 100% say that the work I did with Lindsay gave me the clarity and courage I needed to make those decisions. She's brilliant and compassionate, and I am lucky to have connected with her!

Erin Fahey

Independent Client

I first learned about Lindsay and her coaching through LinkedIn. I was in search of a personal development course that was not related specifically to just my industry but a broader spectrum that not only would serve me well professionally, but also benefit me in my personal life. I wanted to learn how to take control of my mindset, and to regain control of my stress levels and in the process hopefully help others do the same with what I learned. As a people leader, oftentimes other people’s stress becomes my stress and even though I don’t always have the answers, I know that with the right mindset we can work through it together. [Lindsay’s] coaching has absolutely impacted my life in a positive way, I’ve learned a great deal about myself personally; I’ve also learned how to help others break down the mountains that have sprouted from their mole hills – including my daughter! …This course flew by, and I will honestly say that I fully intend to continue doing the work on the things I learned…and hope to work with Lindsay again to maintain the things I learned in my time with her.

Sieanna Day

Manager, Financial Services, Western Financial Group

Finding yourself overwhelmed in a normal year, it's easy to dismiss those feelings and tell yourself to push through. In a year like 2020, it is impossible to shake off...without tools. [Lindsay] helped me identify sources of overwhelm and reconnect me with my core values. Then, she doubled down with tools to embed those learning. Since working with Lindsay, I've released guilt in my decisions; I am able to take a step back in moments of frustration; and am more present to people in my life. I highly recommend working with Lindsay to individuals, teams, and managers who manage...people!

Susan Cooley-Pottier

Sr. Product Manager, TELUS Agriculture